Where are the Neck Lift incisions located?

Where are the Neck Lift incisions located?
Usually, we place the incisions under the chin. So, it’s about an inch wide just a line and also around the ear. Depending on how much skin, how much laxity of the muscle we have. So, it’s a very similar incision of a facelift. But sometimes we can make it as short scar or a mini facelift, what some people call because we don’t extend the incision as high or as far back in the hairline behind the ear. So, it just depends on how much laxity of the skin and tissues of the patient has, and then we can reduce the incisions or not. When we need to tighten the muscles in the center, we do need an incision under the chin to do what we call platysmaplasty, which is application of the muscle under the chin to create a nice and straight jawline.

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