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Deep Plane Facelift


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    deep plane facelift and neck lift


    This is a lovely 59 year-old patient at 8 months before and after. I performed a deep plane facelift and neck lift, fat grafting to the face, blepharoplasty, brow lift, lip lift and skin care. She looks refreshed, younger but still naturally herself.

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      Dr. Gabriele Miotto

      Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

      Dr. Gabriele Miotto has been a leading Plastic Surgeon in Atlanta, GA for over 5 years.

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      I got a breast reduction and lift, as well as a labiaplasty, and the results were excellent. My double D’s were causing me major back pain, and both my saggy boobs and my vagina were making me feel uncomfortable with myself. After the surgery, I now love walking around naked and feel amazing in my own body.

      From Saggy to Perky
      Breast Lift – Dani B.

      I had an amazing experience with Dr. Miotto she is an amazing doctor and such a kind human. Her team is awesome as well everybody took such good care of me. I’m 53 days post op and so happy with my results. Rhinoplasty was my dream and I’d not want anyone else to make it true. Highly recommend Dr. Miotto and her team 🙂

      Awesome Experience
      Rhinoplasty – Nathalya

      Dr. Miotto really listens to you and takes into consideration what’s best for you. I feel like she truly cares and will always go to her for my aesthetic needs. She pays attention to detail and you’ll definitely be happy with your results! She’s wonderful!

      Kind, Talented, Considerate! 10/10 Recommend!
      Facial Fillers – T.F.

      Two weeks post op from mastopexy/ augmentation with Dr. Miotto and I am looking and feeling amazing. She has been super sweet, personable, professional and caring from the start. Wouldn’t want anyone else.

      Breast Lift with Implants – B.S.H.R

      For years, ever since I was a teenager, I was bothered by my labia, both aesthetically and physically. When I met Dr. Miotto, I felt an instant sense of relief. She is caring and trustworthy, as well as extremely professional. Dr. Miotto walked me through everything, since I opted for local anesthesia rather than general. When the procedure was over I went home and started the healing process. Dr. Miotto was available for all my post-procedure questions and was just a phone call away if I needed anything. Dr. Miotto changed my life and I am forever grateful to her and her team. I would recommend Dr. Miotto to anyone looking into labiaplasty and will always remember the positive experience I had.

      The Most Amazing Experience with the Most Trusted, Experienced Doctor
      Labiaplasty – W.P.

      Always lovely, warm, welcoming, professional, thoughtful, and precise. The consultant’s consultant. She cultivates long and trusting relationships. I am grateful for her sensible and supportive opinions.

      I Always Turn to Dr. Miotto for the Most Careful, Expert Advice….
      Facial Rejuvenation

      My experience with Dr. Miotto was the best anyone could possibly imagine! I had done other botox procedures with another plastic surgeon here in Atlanta but nothing compares to the attention and caring Dr. Miotto gives you. She is the one who does all botox and filling procedures, not an assistant, which was the case with this other doctor. Dr. Miotto’s attention to detail and to you, as her patient, makes you feel special and that you are actually being taken care of.

      I Had an Amazing Experience. Best Plastic Surgeon in Atlanta.
      Botox – Nat Ferreira

      Dr Miotto is not only knowledgeable but also an incredible person of great compassion. Her bedside manners are first rate, and I left her office impressed with how much I learned about my condition. She is a rock star doctor!

      My experience with her reminded me the reason why doctors take The Hyppocratic Oath. I felt safe
      Breast Reduction / Breast Lift – Eva C.

      Dr. Miotto was approachable and incredibly kind. She made sure I was happy with the procedure. She boosted my self-confidence and I truly appreciate that. This procedure was part of a trial I was doing, but will be proceeding with the actual surgery. I am excited for the upcoming. She makes you feel comfortable and trusting.

      Cheek Augmentation – G.V.

      Dr. Miotto is extremely competetent and bright. She offered me great advanced options of treatments. Also, she has unique and amazing rapport with her patients, going above the traditional quick and standardized consultations that always make me feel like “one more.” She is kind, spends time with you and really cares.

      Above and Beyond
      Skin Care – Ale I.

      The clinics staff is knowledgeable and very professional which sets the tone for your expectations of Dr. Miotto, which she certainly delivers! The entire team treats you with upmost respect and is sincerely caring about your needs. Dr. Miotto genuinely listens to your needs and reviews pros and cons to deliver positive attributes for procedures. You will go home feeling so much better about yourself. I will only let Dr. Miotto take care of my aesthetic needs! Thank you to all the team!

      Dr. Miotto is the Best!
      Breast Augmentation – Loving Florida

      I would definitely suggest coming in for a consultation and look at her before and after book. She does incredible work. Is conservative, doesn’t do too much, and gives realistic expectations. I’m extremely happy with my results so far. (3 months into recovery).

      Lovely. Extremely happy with my results. Highly recommend.
      Rhinoplasty – Julia V.

      My experience with Dr. Miotto was phenomenal. She is kind, listens, does not rush, goes above and beyond and has a “going an extra mile” approach. Most importantly, she is incredibly well trained and ahead of the game when it comes to techniques and updated options for patients. I referred her to a friend who did two surgical procedures with incredible results and complete satisfaction with Miotto’s incredible bedside manner and genuine care for her as a patient.

      Beyond the Average!!
      Botox – P.W.

      To say that my experience with Dr. Miotto was phenomenal is an under statement. Upon arriving to her office I was greeted by highly trained professionals who are clearly passionate about their careers. When talking further to her staff they all spoke very highly of her and assured me that not only was she an excellent employer but also an extremely gifted surgeon. My recovery was a smooth one and I can honestly say that having Dr. Miotto perform my Rhinoplasty was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I am now able to breathe much better and my confidence has been boosted exponentially.

      I had a wonderful experience
      Rhinoplasty – Jenna B.

      Luckily, my wife is a veteran cosmetic surgery consultant, sends me to meet Dr. Gabriele Miotto, who specializes in facial rejuvenation and filler. A Brazilian trained in the two most surgically enhanced countries on earth, she teaches at Emory Medical school and exudes calm, confidence and serenity. “Dr. Gabby” takes photos and studies my face for a long time, then comes up with a plan: with no body fat available to use, she’d inject several different fillers designed for various areas of the face to gently lift the furrows, even out the valleys and get the “cheeks” back. Now, six weeks out, once deep furrows cast no shadows. I see a face that looks more like me. “It looks terrific,” says my wife. She doesn’t have to say, “I told you so.” Why didn’t I try it sooner? Who knows, but I’m grateful I waited for an artiste I’m calling my Dr. Michaelangelo, aka, Gabriele Miotto, MD.

      Dr. "Gabby "Takes Years Off My Face With Fillers
      Injectable Fillers

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      Clearly, there is a need to bridge the gap between how you close wounds and how wounds heal. That’s where the new Brijjit™ comes in.

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