When will I see the results after a Rhinoplasty?

When will I see the results after a Rhinoplasty?
So a rhinoplasty is a procedure that can have a lot of… generate a lot of swelling in the nose. So after surgery, after the seven days with the cast and the tape, you’re going to be able to see the results already at that point. But there is this lingering swelling that stays there for six months to a year. So usually we’d say that a rhinoplasty can… the nose can be swollen up to a year, depending on the technique that was used, if we needed to use grafts or if it was a secondary rhinoplasty with more scar tissue, but I tell the patients that a rhinoplasty result is actually done at about a year or a little bit, sometimes a little bit longer than a year. So never look at your results and either have a little bit of swelling, a little bit of hardness of the nose at six months, but that improves up to a year.

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