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    Atlanta Sciton Moxi Laser at ME Plastic Surgery

    At ME Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, Dr. Gabriele Miotto performs a variety of facial rejuvenation treatments to help men and women appear more youthful. One of the newest facial rejuvenation treatments that she offers is Sciton’s revolutionary Moxi laser. This innovative laser skin rejuvenation treatment can drastically improve the appearance and texture of the skin without causing any extreme side effects or lengthy downtimes. Using this state-of-the-art laser treatment, Dr. Miotto helps her patients attain the clear, more youthful-looking skin they desire.

    Some Patients Prefer Sciton’s Moxi Laser Rejuvenation Technique To the Traditional Laser Rejuvenation Options Available in Atlanta, Here is Why

    Sciton’s Moxi laser is a fractioned wavelength device that is gentle enough to cater to a variety of skin types, yet powerful enough to provide patients with clearer, nicely textured and more youthful-looking skin.

    After having some of the traditional laser resurfacing treatments (e.g., Erbium lasers), Dr. Miotto’s patients need two to three weeks to recover. This lengthy recovery process makes having traditional facial resurfacing treatments nearly impossible for individuals who have a limited amount of free time. The good news is that Sciton’s laser treatment offers a way for patients to brighten and revitalize their skin with minimal to no downtime.

    Patients who have traditional laser treatments need to avoid the sun as they recover. Since the recovery period following a traditional laser treatment can last anywhere from seven to 21 days, most of Dr. Gabriele Miotto’s patients wait until summer is over to have a traditional laser treatment. However, Sciton’s revolutionary laser treatments are different because unlike the traditional laser resurfacing treatments (e.g., Carbon Dioxide (CO2) lasers), Moxi laser treatments do not require a lengthy recovery period. Therefore, Dr. Miotto can perform Sciton’s laser treatments all year long.

    Younger patients who do not necessarily need to have a deep laser treatment can maintain their youthful appearance by preventing the development of the visible signs of aging with Sciton’s innovative laser treatments in Atlanta.

    What Issues Can Sciton’s Laser Treatments Address?

    One of the best things about the Moxi laser is its versatility.

    Some of the issues that Dr. Gabriele Miotto uses Sciton’s revolutionary laser technology to address include:

    • Skin tone.
    • Wrinkles.
    • Fine lines.
    • Dark spots.
    • Sun damage.
    • Skin texture.
    • Long-term maintenance of the results achieved with more aggressive procedures for skin rejuvenation (e.g., traditional light and laser treatments).

    Is a Moxi Laser Treatment in Atlanta Painful?

    While each experience is unique, the majority of patients who have Sciton’s revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment state that the laser does not actually hurt. Although mild discomfort during this laser rejuvenation procedure is rather common, many of Dr. Miotto’s patients express that they experienced no discomfort whatsoever. If a patient has concerns about pain, he or she can always opt to have Dr. Miotto apply a topical numbing cream or gel to the skin before the treatment with Sciton’s fractioned wavelength laser begins.

    How Does the Moxi Laser Work?

    Sciton’s Moxi laser is non-ablative, which means the laser heats up the deeper layers of skin without causing harm to the outer ones.

    The energy the Moxi laser emits creates micro-coagulation zones, which are very tiny wounds. Once the body realizes there are tiny wounds in the treatment area, it automatically begins repairing these wounds. The body accomplishes this by replacing the cells the laser damaged with new ones.

    After the healing process is complete, the patient enjoys a smoother, brighter, more even-toned and youthful-looking complexion.

    Who Should Consider Having a Moxi Laser Treatment in Atlanta?

    Sciton’s fractional wavelength laser works well for men and women. In addition, an individual does not need to have a specific type or tone of skin to benefit from this revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment in Atlanta.

    Sciton’s fractional wavelength laser is a great option for:

    • Individuals who have yet to develop the signs of aging. By receiving treatments with Sciton’s revolutionary laser, patients may be able to hold off the development of the skin changes associated with the aging process (e.g., wrinkles, dark spots).
    • People who want to appear more refreshed and youthful but have a limited amount of time for treatment and recovery.
    • Men and women who are currently learning about the nonsurgical skin rejuvenation options in Atlanta and the aesthetic procedures that are available to address skin irregularities (e.g., uneven pigmentation).
    • Individuals who want to maintain the results achieved with one of the more invasive laser treatments.

    How Can Moxi Be Safe for All Skin Types and Tones?

    Traditional facial rejuvenation lasers are more invasive than the Sciton laser. Due to their strength, traditional laser treatments have a higher risk of causing an individual’s skin to become hyper- or hypo- pigmented. However, since the Moxi laser has three energy settings, Dr. Miotto customizes the strength of the laser during each treatment. To determine the ideal laser strength for one of her patients, Dr. Gabriele Miotto considers her patient’s skin type and tone.

    What Causes the Skin Issues That the Moxi Facial Rejuvenation Laser Addresses?

    Sun exposure, environmental factors, genetics and the natural aging process cause the development of some of the skin issues (e.g., uneven skin pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles) that Dr. Gabriele Miotto addresses with Sciton’s revolutionary laser treatments.

    A Consultation in Atlanta for a Facial Laser Resurfacing Treatment with Moxi

    Men and women who are interested in learning more about their facial rejuvenation options should schedule a consultation with Dr. Miotto at ME Plastic Surgery in Atlanta by calling (404) 850-5851. During this consultation, she can determine which treatments will provide the individual with optimal results.

    Fractioned wavelength laser treatments may cause an outbreak of herpes simplex type 1 (aka cold sores, fever blisters). Therefore, individuals with an HSV-positive history who are prone to HSV-1 outbreaks need to let Dr. Gabriele Miotto know. As a preventative measure, she can prescribe an oral medication for the patient to take before his or her laser treatment.

    How Does Dr. Gabriele Miotto Determine Which Treatment Options Will Serve a Patient Best?

    During the initial consultation, Dr. Miotto asks the patient what results he or she is looking to achieve with a Sciton laser treatment in Atlanta. In addition, Dr. Gabriele Miotto examines the patient’s skin. After this examination, and once she understands what the patient wants to accomplish, Dr. Miotto creates the patient a personalized treatment plan.

    Custom-Designed Treatment Plans at ME Plastic Surgery in Atlanta

    Dr. Miotto wants each treatment plan she creates to provide her patients with the best results possible; therefore, she may recommend several skin rejuvenation treatments. Dr. Gabriele Miotto only provides this information so that the patient has an opportunity to explore all of his or her nonsurgical facial rejuvenation options. Despite Dr. Miotto’s treatment plan recommendations, please keep in mind that the patient determines which other treatments he or she receives, if any.

    If an individual is a good candidate for a Moxi laser treatment, or some other skin rejuvenation procedure, the patient needs to decide which treatment he or she would like. Once the patient informs Dr. Miotto of his or her wishes, Dr. Miotto schedules the patient’s skin rejuvenation treatment.

    Why Men and Women Choose Dr. Gabriele Miotto to Perform Their Sciton Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

    Having the skill, knowledge and experience necessary to work with Sciton’s state-of-the-art laser is essential to ensuring the energy setting that the provider chooses offers a patient the best possible results.

    Dr. Miotto’s experience performing laser skin rejuvenation treatments using Sciton’s revolutionary fractioned wavelength laser has made her a highly sought after laser skin rejuvenation provider.

    A Sciton Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatment with Dr. Gabriele Miotto in Atlanta

    A skin rejuvenation treatment using Sciton’s Moxi laser only takes about 30 minutes.

    During the preparation process, patients should feel free to ask any last-minute questions they have about their treatment or any of the other treatments they are interested in learning more about.

    1. The first thing that Dr. Gabriele Miotto does is clean the patient’s skin. This provides her a fresh, clean slate to work with.

    2. If the patient prefers, Dr. Miotto applies a topical anesthetic (i.e., a numbing cream or gel).

    3. Some patients experience a slight warming sensation as Dr. Gabriele Miotto moves the Moxi laser across the skin. This sensation is normal.

    This warm sensation in the treatment areas may continue for a short time after treatment.

    What Patients Can Expect After a Moxi Rejuvenation Treatment

    Although there is essentially no downtime following a Moxi laser treatment session in Atlanta, patients still need to focus on taking good care of their skin. To accomplish this, patients need to wear sunscreen and stay out of UVA and UVB rays for several days following treatment.

    Following a Moxi skin rejuvenation treatment on the face, patients can apply makeup.

    In addition, since there is no recovery time associated with this revolutionary laser treatment, patients can return to their normal activities directly thereafter.

    A patient may only need a single treatment to achieve his or her desired results; however, some patients require two or three laser treatments to attain the best results possible.

    It can take from three to four days for the skin to heal completely. During this time, patients should be extra gentle with their skin.

    Patients may receive additional instructions following their laser treatment session in Atlanta.

    Slight redness or the development of mendz (i.e., tiny dots) following a laser treatment is possible; however, these minor inconsistencies should not keep patients from socializing or spending time in the public eye.

    Mendz may develop during the healing process. These tiny dots may feel textured and darken as the skin heals itself. With time, mendz fall off, revealing the patient’s new, beautifully vibrant complexion beneath.

    Do Not Pick, Pull or Aggressively Exfoliate the Skin

    It is vital that patients allow the mendz (or any other skin inconsistency resulting from a laser) to fall off naturally. Picking, pulling or aggressively exfoliating the skin during the healing process could negatively affect the results achieved with a Moxi laser treatment session. Nonetheless, most patients can use a wet washcloth to gently brush their skin and remove flaking.

    It Is Never Too Late to Implement a Daily Skincare Routine

    To help maintain the benefits achieved with a laser treatment and prevent the unwanted skin changes resulting from exposure to the rays of the sun, patients need to wear a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day. Women who wear foundation should choose one that has an SPF value of at least 30.

    If a patient takes good care of his or her skin, the outstanding results achieved with a Moxi laser treatment session usually last longer.

    If requested, Dr. Gabriele Miotto can recommend the skincare products that she believes will provide a patient with everything he or she needs to have vibrant, healthy skin.

    A Moxi Laser Treatment in Atlanta: The Results

    As with every aesthetic treatment, the results that a Moxi laser treatment session provides vary from one person to the next. However, once a patient completes the recommended number of treatment sessions, he or she usually notices an improvement in the tone, texture and clarity of the skin within a week. In addition, the signs of aging are less noticeable. Full results typically emerge in three months’ time.

    Maintaining the Results

    Due to her experience with this innovative skin rejuvenation technique, Dr. Gabriele Miotto can determine the number of treatments a patient needs to maintain his or her results.

    Multiple Moxi Laser Treatments in Atlanta

    Most patients who are interested in rejuvenating their skin or addressing skin irregularities require a series of three laser treatment sessions to achieve their desired result. Dr. Miotto schedules her patients’ fractioned wavelength laser treatments about a month apart.

    A Combination of Aesthetic Treatments in Atlanta

    Many of Dr. Miotto’s skin rejuvenation patients choose to have a variety of aesthetic treatments during the same session.

    Some of the procedures patients frequently add on to their Moxi facial rejuvenation laser treatment sessions include:

    • Sciton’s broadband light photo rejuvenation (BBL) high energy rapid output (HERO)

      Uses the power of light to remove freckles, address loose skin, acne, vascular lesions (e.g., rosacea), sun damage and age spots. In addition, BBL HERO evens skin tones and removes hyperpigmentation.

    • Dermal filler injections

      To add volume in areas of the face that appear sunken in (e.g., the cheeks, nasolabial folds, area beneath the eyes and the temples).

    • BOTOX/Dysport injections

      Blocks the communication between the muscle and the nerve, which keeps the muscle from contracting and creating dynamic wrinkles. Dr. Miotto uses these neuromodulators to address the lines above the bridge of the nose (i.e., the elevens) as well as a pebbled chin (aka orange peel chin).

    • Microneedling

      Creates tiny wounds in the skin. These wounds cause the body to create more collagen. Collagen is a protein that adds structure to all the tissues throughout the body (including the skin). However, as an individual ages, the body slows its production of collagen. Due to this decrease in collagen production, the skin becomes loose and starts to sag, resulting in the development of lines and wrinkles. By increasing collagen production with microneedling, as the amount of collagen in the skin increases, an individual appears more youthful.

    Patients who want to address multiple issues with a variety of treatments at the same time should let Dr. Miotto know this during their initial consultation. Once Dr. Gabriele Miotto knows what the patient would like to accomplish, she will create her patient a personalized, full-spectrum treatment plan.

    Potential Risks and Side Effects Following a Moxi Laser Treatment in Atlanta

    This revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment is extremely safe, which is why there are very few side effects and risks associated with Sciton’s fractioned wavelength laser treatment. Still, when contemplating treatment, the patient must always consider the potential risks and side effects.

    Possible side effects and risks of a Moxi laser treatment include:

    • Skin that has a sandpaper-like texture in the treatment areas. This is a normal side effect of a fractioned wavelength laser treatment. This feeling lasts for approximately five days (sometimes longer).
    • Slight redness and minor discomfort (e.g., a burning sensation) may be present for several hours following a fractioned wavelength laser treatment in Atlanta.
    • The heat emitted from Sciton’s fractioned wavelength laser can cause rebound post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, however, this side effect is extremely rare.
    • Without pre-treatment, fractioned wavelength laser treatments can cause a patient with the dormant HSV virus to have an outbreak of herpes simplex type 1 (aka cold sores, fever blisters).

    How Much Does an Atlanta Moxi Laser Treatment Cost?

    Since Dr. Gabriele Miotto customizes every Moxi laser treatment session in Atlanta, the cost for this treatment varies. To learn more about this revolutionary treatment, and how much a personalized fractioned wavelength laser treatment would cost, schedule a consultation with Dr. Miotto at ME Plastic Surgery in Atlanta.

    At ME Plastic Surgery, expert injector and top plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriele Miotto helps her patients attain the beautiful, acne-free more youthful-looking skin they desire. She accomplishes this using a variety of innovative techniques, revolutionary products and state-of-the-art devices. To learn more about how Dr. Miotto can help turn back the hands of time by rejuvenating, brightening and refreshing the skin, call her office in Atlanta today at (404) 850-5851 to schedule a consultation. ME Plastic Surgery is located at 3200 Downwood Circle NW, Suite 640.



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