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    Atlanta Sciton BBL Hero Laser (BroadBand Light)

    Sciton’s Broadband Light Therapy (BBL) High-Energy Rapid Output (Hero) treatment is the next generation of Broadband Light Therapy. The revolutionary BBL Hero treatment is a non-invasive Intense Pulsed Light therapy (IPL) skin rejuvenation procedure that can address sun damage, reduce the signs of aging, control acne (active), remove unwanted hair and minimize the visibility of scars. This FDA-approved skin rejuvenation treatment allows Dr. Gabriele Miotto, who is a highly experienced plastic surgeon, IPL provider and injection specialist in Atlanta, to treat large areas of the body quicker than ever before.

    Who Should Consider an Atlanta Sciton BBL Hero Treatment?

    This is the perfect treatment for individuals who are concerned about a variety of skin issues, including age spots, freckles, rosacea, acne, the signs of aging, scars and unwanted hair.

    Skin Issues Dr. Miotto Addresses with a BBL Hero Treatment

    At ME Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, Dr. Gabriele Miotto addresses a variety of skin issues to help her patients appear more youthful with skin that is firmer, clearer, even-toned, free of excess hair and more vibrant.

    Issues Dr. Gabriele Miotto addresses with this revolutionary BBL treatment include:

    • The signs of aging

      The signs of aging — by sending light energy deep into the skin, this BBL treatment enhances the body’s ability to fight the signs of aging. This enhancement occurs due to the increase in the production of the body’s structural protein collagen. By increasing the production of this protein, the skin becomes firmer, more elastic and appears more youthful.

    • Sun damage

      Sun damage — with this state-of-the-art treatment, Dr. Miotto can reverse sun damage, as well as improve the tone, texture, pigment and elasticity of the skin.

    • An uneven skin tone (e.g., age spots, port wine stains, freckles)

      An uneven skin tone (e.g., age spots, port wine stains, freckles) — with Intense Pulsed Light Therapy treatments, Dr. Miotto targets the darker areas of skin to provide the patient with firmer, clearer skin that appears more youthful.

    • A variety of skin issues

      A variety of skin issues — using the innovative BBL Hero IPL treatment, Dr. Gabriele Miotto can address rosacea, vascular lesions, including spider telangiectasis, broken veins in the face, rosy cheeks and the red thread veins that develop on the legs.

    • Acne

      Acne — using the power of light, Dr. Miotto effectively clears acne, eliminating the need for patients to purchase expensive medications and special creams. Using a three-step process that includes blue, yellow and infrared light, Dr. Gabriele Miotto eliminates inflammation and existing acne. In addition, Sciton’s Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatments destroy the bacteria that contribute to the creation of acne, as well as reduce the visibility of acne scars.

    • Signs of aging

      Signs of aging — Dr. Miotto’s extensive experience with performing Intense Pulsed Light treatment allows her to strategically use these BBL treatments to rejuvenate the face and body. Using the Sciton Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment, Dr. Gabriele Miotto targets fine line and wrinkles. By targeting these areas, she provides her patients with firmer, clearer, more vibrant-looking skin.

    • To prevent the signs of aging

      To prevent the signs of aging — by increasing collagen production, the body is able to fight the existing signs of aging. In addition, this increase in collagen production helps prevent the development of loose skin with lines and wrinkles.

    • Hair removal (e.g., dark facial hair)

      Hair removal (e.g., dark facial hair) — using BBL Hero treatments, Dr. Gabriele Miotto can remove hair on the face and body, permanently. Sciton’s Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment is the fastest, most comfortable hair remover option available. Whereas, traditional IPL devices use a single high-energy blast to remove hair, which can be painful, Sciton’s Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatments remove hair by using multiple low-energy pulses to build up the heat within the hair follicle. It is this technique that makes Sciton’s BBL Intense Pulsed Light therapy the most comfortable treatment for removing unwanted hair.

    Which Areas of the Body Can Benefit from Sciton’s Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatments?

    Sciton’s Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatments are the fastest way to address pigment variances, dull-looking skin and redness on the legs, arms, shoulders, chest, and more. In addition, Dr. Miotto uses Sciton’s innovative BBL treatment to address acne, as well as the signs of aging and blemishes that develop on the face.

    What Causes the Skin Changes that the Sciton BBL Hero Addresses?

    The wrinkles, discolorations and dull-looking skin that Sciton’s Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatments address occur due to the skin being exposed to the sun without sunscreen, the natural aging process, environmental toxins and the use of harsh cleansers.

    How Does Sciton’s Intense Pulsed Light Therapy Work?

    Just like traditional IPL treatments, Sciton’s BBL Hero device emits photothermal energy. After emitting this broad-spectrum of photothermal energy, the melanin in the skin and the hemoglobin in the blood vessels responsible for causing redness absorb this energy. While the upper layers of skin absorb this energy and the heat emitted from the light, which causes the superficial blood vessels to close and destroys the pigmented skin cells. Any pigmented skin that remains following treatment will fall off within a week or two of the patient’s BBL treatment.

    For several weeks following a Sciton Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment, the body continues absorbing remnants of the blood vessels that were destroyed by the photothermal energy.

    The energy and heat that the Sciton BBL device emits triggers the body’s wound-healing response. This response leads to the body creating new cells and increasing collagen production.

    What Makes the Sciton Broadband Light Therapy Hero Treatment Different from Other BBL Treatments?

    The Sciton Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment’s hand held device emits more broad-spectrum photothermal energy than any other IPL device. In addition, this revolutionary device allows Dr. Miotto to complete a patient’s IPL therapy treatment quicker than any of the other traditional IPL treatment options.

    Is the Sciton BBL Hero Treatment a Safe Procedure?

    Yes, the Sciton Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment is gentle, noninvasive and safe for men and women. This treatment can be used on the Fitzpatrick Classification Scale skin types one through five.

    Sciton’s BBL Hero Receives NewBeauty’s 2021 Magazine Choice Award

    Sciton’s revolutionary BBL treatment has received NewBeauty’s 2021 Magazine Choice Award in the category for best innovation.

    Pros and Cons of an Atlanta Sciton BBL Hero Treatment

    Despite the type of treatment or procedure, patients must always consider its pros and cons.

    Some Pros of Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output Treatment:

    When Compared to Traditional IPL Therapy Options, BBL Hero Treatments Are Less Likely to Cause Side Effects

    The Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment is an Intense Pulsed Light therapy. However, with Sciton’s BBL device, the likelihood of an individual experiencing some of the more common side effects associated with traditional IPL therapy (e.g., stamping or striping of the skin) is decreased. These side effects are less likely because the BBL Hero’s in-motion handheld device is four times faster than the devices skincare professionals use during traditional IPL therapy treatments.

    BBL Therapy Addresses Numerous Skin Issues

    Using Intense Pulsed Light therapy, Dr. Gabriele Miotto can address a wide range of skin issues (e.g., rosacea, vascular lesions).

    BBL Therapy Increases the Production of Collagen

    Increasing the production of this protein is extremely beneficial for the skin because as time passes the body begins to decrease the production of collagen. This decrease in collagen leads to loose skin that is less resilient. Since collagen is the fiber-like structural protein that is necessary for rebuilding the skin, increasing its production helps the skin become stronger and more resilient.

    Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment Offers Patients a Quicker, More Powerful BBL Treatment

    A Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment provides three times the power and four times the speed of a traditional BBL treatment. Therefore, Dr. Gabriele Miotto’s BBL Hero patients receive quicker, more effective treatments than ever before.

    The Patient is More Comfortable During a Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment

    To ensure the patient remains comfortable, this innovative device has a powerful cooling mechanism, which keeps the skin from feeling overheated.

    Patients Experience Minimal Downtime (If Any) and Very Few Side Effects

    Some of the most common side effects include the treatment area feeling and looking as if it has a mild sunburn. These symptoms last for around a week.

    Patients should also expect to experience peeling in the treatment area. This peeling can continue for up to four days.

    BBL Hero Treatment Cons:

    The Patient May Need Multiple Treatments

    May require more than one treatment to achieve the desired results. However, typically patients need fewer treatments with the Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment than they do with traditional BBL treatments.

    Protection from UVA and UVB Light is Essential

    Treatment areas must be protected from UVA/UVB light by wearing a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or staying completely out of the sun for at least two weeks.

    A BBL Hero Treatment in Atlanta: The Consultation

    Individuals in the Atlanta area who are interested in having a Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gabriele Miotto at ME Plastic Surgeon. At this initial consultation, the patient needs to let Dr. Miotto know what he or she would like to accomplish with an Intense Pulsed Light treatment. Once she knows what the patient would like to accomplish, Dr. Miotto can determine if the patient is a good candidate for an IPL treatment. If she determines that the patient is a good candidate for a BBL Hero treatment in Atlanta, she creates a personalized treatment plan.

    How Many Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatments Does a Patient Need?

    Dr. Gabriele Miotto determines the number of BBL treatments that will provide the patient with the results he or she desires. With the traditional BBL treatments, to attain optimal results, patients usually need to have three or four sessions. These sessions are scheduled two to four weeks apart. However, with BBL Hero, many patients only need one or two sessions to attain their desired result.

    Do BBL Hero Treatments in Atlanta Hurt?

    Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatments are not painful. Dr. Miotto does everything possible to make sure that her patients remain comfortable during their BBL treatments. Some patients state that during traditional BBL treatments they experience a feeling similar to a rubber band snap. However, the advanced cooling features of Sciton’s BBL High-Energy Rapid Output handheld device ensures the patient experiences little to no discomfort.

    Preparing for an Atlanta Sciton BBL Hero Treatment

    Before their BBL session, patients may need to stop using a variety of skincare products and avoid certain treatments.

    Pre-treatment instructions from Dr. Miotto may include her asking patients to:

    • Stop using topical skincare products that contain glycolic acid or retinol for at least a week before treatment.
    • Avoid chemical peels for at least several weeks before their Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment.
    • Stay out of the sun for at least four weeks before treatment and several weeks afterwards.

    In addition, patients need to let Dr. Gabriele Miotto know if they are prone to developing cold sores. This information is very important because Dr. Miotto can slow the growth of the virus by prescribing the patient an antiviral medication (e.g., Famvir or Valtrex). Patients usually take the antiviral for five days, taking the first dose on the day of their BBL treatment session.

    An Atlanta Sciton BBL Hero Treatment: The Procedure

    During the initial consultation, Dr. Miotto and the patient discuss the BBL treatment in great detail.

    Although most patients do not need a topical anesthetic, if the patient prefers, Dr. Gabriele Miotto may apply this medication before the treatment session begins.

    1. Dr. Miotto cleans and then applies a cool gel to the treatment area.

    2. The treatment head of BBL Hero’s hand piece is rectangular. It has a smooth, glass surface. Treatment begins once Dr. Gabriele Miotto places the head of the device against the patient’s skin.

    3. As she moves the smooth surface of the device across the skin, it delivers pulses of light to the area.

    4. After completing the treatment, Dr. Gabriele Miotto applies moisturizer and sunscreen to the treatment area. This soothes and protects the skin as it heals.

    The areas receiving treatment determine the patient’s treatment time. Nonetheless, at ME Plastic Surgery, Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment sessions are relatively short, lasting from just a few minutes to half an hour.

    Most patients are able to return to school or work directly following treatment.

    Since BBL treatments use Intense Pulsed Light, patients wear protective eyewear (e.g., dark glasses or goggles) throughout their treatment session. Even while wearing this protective eyewear, patients may see flashes of light, this is expected and these flashes are harmless.

    Make Sure to Choose an Experienced IPL Provider

    It is essential that whoever performs an individual’s BBL treatment be experienced because the likelihood of scarring increases when an inexperienced provider performs IPL treatments.

    What to Expect After a Sciton BBL Hero Treatment

    Most patients can return to their normal daily routine directly after their Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment in Atlanta.

    Patients should expect the skin in the treatment area to look flushed and feel as if it has a mild sunburn for about four hours following treatment. Nonetheless, patients can usually go ahead and apply topical skin products once the initial four hours have passed.

    Some patients experience inflammation, especially those patients who receive treatment in the area around their eyes. This swelling usually subsides within three to five days.

    If a patient receives BBL treatments to address vascular issues, bruising may result.

    Although pain following a Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment session is minimal, some patients prefer to use cool compresses to relieve the discomfort they feel following treatment.

    To use a cool compress, patients should dampen a washcloth with cool water and then lightly press the soft, damp cloth against the area causing the discomfort. The cool compress can remain on the treatment area for up to 20 minutes.

    Instead of using a cool compress, some patients choose to take over-the-counter medications like non-aspirin or ibuprofen.

    Please keep in mind that some pigmented lesions will turn darker for about three days after a BBL Hero treatment. They may be as dark as coffee grounds. It is vital that patients resist the urge to scrub or pick off these spots. These lesions need to flake off on their own, which usually takes a week or two. Disregarding this recommendation could result in scarring.

    Although patients can apply a gentle moisturizer to the skin to keep it hydrated, avoid using products that contain salicylic acid, retinol or glycolic acid for at least a week. Furthermore, avoid spending an extensive amount of time in the sun for at least four weeks following a BBL treatment session in Atlanta.

    How Long Does It Take To See the Results?

    Patients can expect to have smoother skin and see a more even skin tone within two weeks of their first Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment. In addition, any fine lines and pores in the treatment area should be less noticeable. Depending on the results, patients may return for a second treatment several weeks after their first.

    How Long Do the Results Last?

    As long as the patient wears adequate sun protection, the results of a Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment in Atlanta can last up to a year. Returning to ME Plastic Surgery on an annual basis to have follow-up BBL treatments can help patients maintain their results.

    Potential Side Effects Following a BBL Hero IPL Therapy Treatment

    As with all treatments and procedures, side effects are possible.

    Potential side effects following a BBL treatment include:

    • Hair loss in treatment areas.
    • Pain during the treatment, which can be prevented with a topical anesthetic.
    • Redness, inflammation and peeling skin that lasts a few days. The feeling is similar to a mild sunburn.
    • Bruising.
    • Pink skin that feels slightly sore immediately following the BBL Hero treatment in Atlanta.
    • Although rare, if the pigment in the skin absorbs too much of the light energy, it may blister.
    • If melanocytes (i.e., pigment cells) are damaged during treatment, the patient may have skin patches that vary in tone from dark to light.

    How Much Does a Sciton Broadband Light Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output treatment in Atlanta Cost?

    At ME Plastic Surgery, every patient receives a personalized treatment plan, therefore, the only way that Dr. Gabriele Miotto can determine how much a BBL Hero treatment will cost is to have a consultation with the patient.

    If you have dull, aging skin, that you would like to revitalize, or a skin condition like acne or rosacea, Dr. Gabriele Miotto can help you improve your complexion with Sciton’s BBL Therapy High-Energy Rapid Output skin rejuvenation treatment. If you already reside in, or will be visiting, the Atlanta area, and you are interested in having a BBL Hero treatment, contact ME Plastic Surgery today at (404) 850-5851 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gabriele Miotto. ME Plastic Surgery is at 3200 Downwood Circle Northwest, suite 640.



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