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    Neck Lift with Platysmaplasty

    Neck Lift with Platysmaplasty


    This is a female patient in her 60’s who wanted to improve the central neck laxity and crepey skin. She did not want to do anythingelse to her face. We performed a neck lift with platysmaplasty to improve the neck laxity and contour.

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    Neck Lift FAQs


    Buckhead Neck Lift Surgery Specialist

    Once the signs of aging become visible in the lower face and neck, an individual may begin to look older than he or she actually is. However, a neck lift (aka cervicoplasty) at ME Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, near Buckhead, Georgia, can address the imperfections throughout the neck region. Men and women in the Atlanta area who have a double chin, loose muscles in the neck, neckbands or excess skin in this region should consider learning more about their cervicoplasty options at ME Plastic Surgery, near Buckhead, Georgia.

    A Neck Lift in Atlanta, Near Buckhead, Georgia

    At ME Plastic Surgery, Dr. Gabriele Miotto performs vertical and traditional neck lift procedures. During a neck lift, Dr. Miotto can tighten the muscles in the neck, address banding, remove excess skin that wrinkles or sags, address the jowls that develop along the jawline and reduce a double-or-triple chin. Following a cervicoplasty at ME Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, near Buckhead, Georgia, patients enjoy a more youthful-looking neck region. Many of Dr. Gabriele Miotto’s neck lift patients state that they are more confident in their appearance, which has resulted in them feeling more comfortable around others.

    Benefits of Having a Neck Lift Near Buckhead, Georgia

    At Me Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, Dr. Gabriele Miotto uses some of the most advanced neck lift techniques to improve the aesthetics of a patient’s lower face and neck region. The techniques that Dr. Miotto uses for the neck lift procedure offer her patients a shorter recovery period. In addition, as an experienced facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Gabriele Miotto’s skill allows her to provide patients with natural-looking results. Furthermore, Dr. Miotto makes her incisions in areas that will camouflage any resulting scars well.

    The benefits of a cervicoplasty at ME Plastic Surgery include:

    • A safe and effective way to rejuvenate the lower section of the face and neck region.
    • A swift recovery.
    • The reduction or elimination of undesirable neck characteristics (e.g., turkey neck, neckbands).
    • Double or triple chin correction.
    • A better-defined jawline.

    What Causes the Changes That a Neck Lift Near Buckhead, Georgia, Addresses?

    The factors responsible for causing the changes in the neck vary. As the face ages, the fat pads located underneath the platysma muscle in the neck, and the muscle itself, lose the support the face previously provided. Therefore, the skin of the neck begins to sag. However, there are additional factors that affect the aesthetics of the neck region.

    Changes in the lower face and neck region can also result from:

    • Extreme weight loss.
    • Hereditary factors.

    As an experienced facial plastic surgeon in Atlanta, Dr. Gabriele Miotto performs neck lift surgery to help men and women in the Buckhead, Georgia, area attain the more youthful look they desire.

    Who Should Consider a Neck Lift in Atlanta, Near Buckhead, Georgia?

    Men and women who are in good physical and mental health may be good candidates for a cervicoplasty near Buckhead, Georgia.

    During the patient’s initial consultation, Dr. Miotto will discuss the projected outcome of a neck lift; however, the patient must have feasible expectations in relation to the results a cervicoplasty can provide.

    Potential patients are encouraged to create a list of questions to bring with them on the day of their initial consultation. Dr. Gabriele Miotto believes that when a patient is having a neck lift and knows what to expect, he or she will feel more comfortable and confident on the day of surgery.

    A Neck Lift Near Buckhead, Georgia, Explained

    Cervicoplasty procedures are performed as outpatient surgery. Since the patient receives anesthesia and returns home directly following surgery, he or she needs to bring a licensed driver on the day of surgery. In addition, a responsible adult must remain with the patient for at least 24 hours after surgery.

    At ME Plastic Surgery, each patient receives a custom-designed surgical treatment plan. Therefore, procedure steps depend on which issues Dr. Miotto is addressing.

    During their cervicoplasty, patients receive general anesthesia.

    When a patient has fat in the neck, Dr. Gabriele Miotto removes this first. Then, if necessary, she addresses a loose platysma muscle.

    When Dr. Miotto is performing a vertical neck lift, she repositions the patient’s fascia and platysma muscle by lifting them upward, as opposed to pulling the neck sideways.

    The vertical neck lift offers patients longer-lasting results than can be achieved with traditional neck lift surgery. The results of a vertical neck lift last longer because the surgeon lifts the platysma muscle during this revolutionary procedure. Repositioning the platysma muscle in this way provides durability, a durability that is not present following a traditional cervicoplasty.

    Dr. Gabriele Miotto closes the incisions with fine sutures. Therefore, initially, the incision location is visible. However, following suture removal, the incision location is barely visible.

    How To Prepare for a Cervicoplasty Near Buckhead, Georgia

    To prevent complications and increase the likelihood of achieving optimal results, Dr. Miotto provides instructions for her patients to follow before their surgical procedures.

    For 10 days before their neck lift procedure, patients need to discontinue taking Phentermine and vitamin E. Patients must avoid taking a variety of herbal supplements during this 10-day timeframe as well.

    Herbal supplements patients need to avoid include:

    • Valerian.
    • St. John’s Wort.
    • Licorice.
    • Kava-Kava.
    • Echinacea.
    • Ephedra.
    • Goldenseal.
    • Garlic.

    For 7 to 10 days before surgery, patients have to stop taking aspirin. Patients with questions related to other medications, as well as those who are on an aspirin regimen prescribed by their primary care physician or cardiologist, should discuss these topics with Dr. Gabriele Miotto at least 10 days before their scheduled cervicoplasty.

    Stop Taking Certain Medications

    For 5 days before surgery, patients must discontinue using non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g., Motrin, Aleve). If, during this timeframe, the patient has to take medication to relieve pain, he or she can take acetaminophen (aka Tylenol).

    Discontinue Alcohol Consumption

    Alcohol increases inflammation, which is why patients need to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages for at least 7 days before surgery.

    Stop Smoking Products That Contain Nicotine

    For at least 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after surgery, patients must refrain from smoking or taking any type of smoking cessation product that contains nicotine. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, which means it causes the blood vessels to narrow. This constriction inhibits blood flow throughout the body. For this reason, smoking increases the likelihood of certain complications.

    Potential complications include:

    • Wounds that do not heal or heal slowly.
    • Necrosis (i.e., tissue death).
    • The development of an infection.

    Another negative aspect of smoking is its ability to cause the premature development of the visible signs of aging.

    Does Dr. Miotto Perform Any Other Procedures During a Neck Lift?

    Yes, some patients are eligible to have multiple procedures during the same surgical session. Eligibility depends on the patient’s anatomy and health status.

    Other procedures that Dr. Gabriele Miotto frequently performs during a neck lift include:

    • Liposuction.
    • Skin tightening.
    • A facelift.
    • A lip lift.
    • A brow lift.
    • An eyelid lift.
    • Submandibular gland reduction.
    • Facial fat grafting.
    • A chemical peel for skin resurfacing.
    • A complete facelift.

    During the patient’s initial consultation, Dr. Miotto determines which procedures would provide the patient with optimal results. These recommendations will help the patient choose the procedure that addresses his or her aesthetic concerns best.

    An Experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon Can Camouflage Scarring

    As a skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Gabriele Miotto creates incisions in areas of the neck that will camouflage them well. Her attention to detail while closing incisions also helps decrease the visibility of the resulting scar. After about six months, the scar is nearly invisible. Therefore, once the initial healing process is complete, the incision location should be almost undetectable.

    Recovering After Neck Lift Surgery Near Buckhead, Georgia

    Patients who have a cervicoplasty should expect to experience inflammation, as well as some degree of bruising at the sides and in the front of the neck. Bruising may also be present along the patient’s jawline and around his or her ear.

    These side effects typically resolve within a week. Nonetheless, patients can hide this bruising with makeup and by wearing a scarf. Most patients are ready to return to their normal routine about 2 or 3 weeks after their surgery.

    Patients who have multiple procedures during a single surgical session may have a longer recovery time and additional side effects following surgery. Dr. Miotto will inform the patient what he or she can expect after a surgical session that includes multiple surgeries.

    Is Neck Lift Surgery Painful?

    Patients remain asleep during their procedure. Upon awakening, the patient should expect to have a tight feeling and mild discomfort in the face and neck. This discomfort results from the inflammation and bruising that is present during the recovery period. These symptoms can remain from a few days, to a few weeks. However, Dr. Miotto treats this discomfort with medications, supplementation and ice packs.

    Suture Removal

    Patients return to ME Plastic Surgery to have their sutures removed at some point between 7 and 10 days of surgery.

    Reinstating a Daily Routine

    Most patients are ready to return to their daily activities within 3 weeks of their procedure. However, if a patient has a major social event, he or she needs to have at least 8 weeks of recovery beforehand. This recovery time is essential because residual swelling may remain up until the patient reaches this point in his or her recovery. Each patient is unique, which is why Dr. Miotto is unable to predict which patients will experience the most inflammation and bruising.

    Postoperative Recommendations Following a Neck Lift in Atlanta, Near Buckhead, Georgia

    Following a cervicoplasty, patients may experience balance issues and poor judgement, which is why they must have a capable adult remain with them for at least 24 hours. In addition, since the patient receives general anesthesia, he or she must refrain from driving during this timeframe. Abiding by this restriction is essential because anesthesia could cause delayed reaction, which may result in an automobile collision. Furthermore, patients who are taking narcotic medication for the treatment of pain must also refrain from driving until they no longer need them.

    Sluggishness for several days is common. This occurs because it takes some time for the anesthesia to exit the patient’s system.

    Following any facial procedure, Dr. Gabriele Miotto recommends elevating the head. Patients can use two or three pillows to accomplish this.

    On the day of surgery, the Patient Care Coordinator schedules the patient’s follow-up appointment. The coordinator usually schedules this appointment for the following day. Since patients are unable to drive for 24-hours, they require a reliable form of transportation.

    Although patients must avoid activities that increase their blood pressure or heart rate for at least 14 days, patients should not be on bed rest. Instead, they must walk around at a normal pace. The act of walking, in and of itself, decreases the patient’s risk of developing blood clots, which can form following the use of general anesthesia.

    Most patients can resume sexual activity 2 weeks after surgery. However, Dr. Miotto requests that her patients speak with her before moving forward with participation in these activities.

    Bathing Restrictions

    Patients can take a shower 24 hours after surgery, cleaning the incisions according to instructions provided at ME Plastic Surgery. Some patients will only run soapy water over their incisions.

    Patients must wait at least 3 weeks before submerging themselves into any form of water (e.g., tub, pool, lake).

    For 2 weeks, patients must avoid using lotion on their surgical sites. However, patients can use moisturizer on the areas of the body that are not within the surgical area.

    Heading Back To Work

    Most patients can return to work within 2 weeks of their neck lift near Buckhead, Georgia. Factors affecting an individual’s ability to return to work include the level of activity his or her position requires, as well as where the patient is in the recovery process. For example, a patient that still has visible bruising or limitations that impact his or her ability to meet the responsibilities at work may need to wait longer before returning.


    The true results of a neck lift may take several months to become apparent. However, for the most part, after 12 weeks, patients can expect their results to be permanent. Nonetheless, there may be slight changes in inflammation and healing. These slight changes can continue up to a year.

    Are There Any Risks Associated With the Neck Lift Procedure?

    Despite the type of surgical procedure, there are always risks. The best way a patient can avoid complications is to choose an experienced facial plastic surgeon to perform the cervicoplasty.

    Potential risks and complications include:

    • Skin puckering.
    • Visible scarring.
    • Necrosis.
    • Continued numbness.
    • Skin loss or discoloration.
    • Hair loss at the incision locations.
    • Unsatisfactory results.
    • Blood collection beneath the skin.
    • The need for a revision.

    How Much Will a Neck Lift Near Buckhead, Georgia Cost?

    The cost of a cervicoplasty depends on the issues that the individual would like Dr. Miotto to address.

    Men and women in the Atlanta area, including those in Buckhead, Georgia, who are eager to learn more about the neck lift procedure, should schedule a consultation with Dr. Gabriele Miotto. Dr. Miotto is a Brazilian-American plastic surgeon specializing in minimally invasive procedures and aesthetic surgery. To schedule a consultation, please call (404) 850-5851. ME Plastic Surgery’s address is 3200 Downwood Circle, NW, Suite 640 in Atlanta.




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