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    Facelift, necklift, blepharoplasty, brow lift, fat transfer to the face

    Facelift, necklift, blepharoplasty, brow lift, fat transfer to the face


    This is a very fit female patient in her 60’s who wanted to look refreshed. She exercises daily and had lost a lot of volume in her face. We performed a deep plane face and neck lift to sharpen the jawline and rejuvenate the face and the neck. We also did upper and lower blepharoplasty with a lateral brow lift to open up her look. To improve more her facial volume, we added fat grafting to the eyelids and cheeks. She looks refreshed and completely herself after the surgery, including the same smile.

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    Atlanta Midface Lift aka Cheek Lift

    A midface lift (aka cheek lift) is a surgical procedure plastic surgeons use to reduce the signs of aging in the middle section (aka mid-section) of the face. The mid-section of the face extends from the under-eye area to the lips. During a midface lift, Dr. Gabriele C. Miotto addresses heavy-looking cheeks, sagging facial skin and smile lines to provide her patients with subtle, more youthful-looking features in their middle face.

    What Causes the Signs of Aging a Midface Lift in Atlanta Addresses?

    During the aging process, the skin thins, becomes drier and loses its elasticity. These skin changes occur as the result of the body decreasing its production of collagen, which begins around the age of 25. In addition, with the passing of time, the skin begins to sag as the underlying facial fat and muscles start to descend.

    During a midface lift at ME Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, Dr. Miotto addresses the fallen fat pads and muscles that cause the patient’s cheeks to look heavy. She also removes any sagging skin in the middle of the face.


    Our facelift surgery is one of the most effective single procedures for aging.
    Dr. Gabriele Miotto, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon


    What is Collagen?

    Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It makes up about a third of all the protein that is found in the human body.

    Collagen is present in the skin as well as in other organs. In addition, this protein is in the digestive system, muscles, bones, tendons and even the blood vessels. In essence, collagen fibers are the glue that holds all aspects of the body together.

    How the Decrease in Collagen Production Affects the Skin

    This protein creates the infrastructure for hyaluronic acid and elastin. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for hydrating the skin and elastin keeps the skin pliable. Once collagen production slows, the skin becomes drier and less pliable, both of which contribute to wrinkle development.

    Can a Midface Lift in Atlanta Define the Cheekbones?

    Although a midface lift does shift the structures of the cheek, it will not define them. The best way to achieve cheekbone definition is with dermal filler injections or cheek implants. Dr. Miotto can perform either of these procedures (i.e., filler or implants) during the same surgical session as the patient’s midface lift.

    Does an Atlanta Cheek Lift Address a Drooping Jawline?

    The term jowls refers to the sections of the jawline that frequently descend as an individual ages. A cheek lift does not address jowls. However, Dr. Gabriele C. Miotto can eliminate a patient’s jowls during a traditional facelift.

    What Are the Benefits of a Cheek Lift?

    During a cheek lift, Dr. Miotto raises the descending facial structures in the mid-section of the face. After lifting these structures, other features in the mid-section of the face appear more youthful.

    An Atlanta midface lift with Dr. Miotto helps eliminate:

    • Nasolabial folds (aka smile lines).
    • Sagging skin in the mid-section of the face.
    • Cheeks that look heavy.
    • Wrinkles.

    Who is a Good Candidate for a Midface Lift in Atlanta?

    Most patients who opt for a cheek lift are younger than those who choose to have a traditional facelift. Typically, individuals choose to have a cheek lift to address the early signs of aging at around 35. Nonetheless, seniors can also benefit from a midface lift.

    The ideal candidate for a midface lift is someone who is in good health. The individual must have facial characteristics that Dr. Miotto addresses with a cheek lift in Atlanta (e.g., cheeks that sag, nasolabial folds). Depending on the issues an individual wants Dr. Gabriele Miotto to address, she may determine that the patient will benefit the most from a traditional facelift.

    Reasons an Individual May Choose to Have a Cheek Lift Before the Signs of Aging Appear

    An individual who inherits the trait of heavy cheeks may choose to have a midface lift even before the signs of aging become evident. Furthermore, a person who has suffered midface trauma or has a condition that affects the appearance of the mid-section of the face (e.g., Grave’s disease, Bell’s palsy) may want a cheek lift sooner, rather than later.

    A Consultation with Dr. Gabriele Miotto for an Atlanta Cheek Lift

    During their initial consultation, patients should expect Dr. Miotto to examine their face. She may also measure parts of the patient’s face and take pictures (from numerous angles). Dr. Miotto uses this information while she creates the patient’s custom-designed treatment plan for a midface lift. In addition, Dr. Gabriele C. Miotto uses the initial consultation photos for comparison purposes after the patient fully recovers.

    The patient needs to bring a list detailing his or her medical history to the initial consultation with Dr. Miotto.

    This list should include:

    • Current medications, vitamins and supplements.
    • Surgical procedures, including any complications (e.g., nausea upon waking from the anesthesia).
    • Chronic medical conditions (e.g., cardiovascular disease, diabetes).
    • Allergy information, especially as it relates to latex and medications (including topical).

    Patients Should Also Bring a List of Their Questions

    It is rather common for a patient to forget to ask an important question during his or her consultation. For this reason, Dr. Miotto suggests that patients write their list of questions beforehand. By bringing this list to the consultation, chances are, the patient will remember to ask every question.

    Midface Lift Patients Must Be Candid About Their Desires

    Dr. Gabriele Miotto wants to know what the patient would like to accomplish with an Atlanta midface lift. Dr. Miotto encourages each of her facial rejuvenation and enhancement patients to be candid with her about the changes they desire. If Dr. Gabriele Miotto is not aware of her patients’ desires, there is no way she can help them reach their goals.

    Why Dr. Miotto May Recommend Another Procedure

    Dr. Miotto wants every patient to love the way they look after their cosmetic treatment or surgical procedure, which is why she may make some recommendations during the initial consultation. However, patients should never feel as if they have to undergo any treatment or surgical procedure that Dr. Miotto recommends. When she provides her recommendations, Dr. Gabriele Miotto only intends to inform the patient of his or her options.

    Moving Forward After the Initial Consultation for a Cheek Lift in Atlanta

    If Dr. Gabriele Miotto considers the patient a good candidate for a cheek lift, it is the patient’s decision whether to move forward with the procedure. Sometimes, a patient decides to have additional procedures during the same surgical session or a different procedure altogether. When this is the case, Dr. Miotto and the patient discuss the various options available.

    Dr. Miotto Customizes Each Patient’s Surgical Plan

    Since each patient’s facial features are unique, to provide her patients with optimal results, Dr. Gabriele Miotto creates every patient a customized treatment plan.

    Preparing for a Midface Lift in Atlanta

    Once the patient decides to schedule his or her midface lift, or any other surgical procedure, Dr. Miotto requests that the patient do several very important things before the procedure.

    Stop Using Products Containing Nicotine

    Patients need to refrain from using, or being exposed to products that contain nicotine for at least a month before and then another month after their Atlanta midface lift.

    Products to discontinue and avoid secondhand smoke from include traditional cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes as well as hookah and pipe tobacco. Moreover, patients must avoid chewing tobacco and the products people use to assist them as they try to quit using tobacco that contains nicotine (e.g., nicotine gum, nicotine patches).

    Following Dr. Miotto’s refraining from nicotine instruction is vital because nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, which means it causes the blood vessels throughout the body to contract. These contractions interrupt the body’s natural healing process by slowing down blood flow.

    Following this instruction reduces the patient’s likelihood of experiencing complications (e.g., infection, tissue death) as the body heals.

    Stop Taking Certain Vitamins, Medications and Supplements

    Numerous medications, vitamins and herbal supplements increase the likelihood of unnecessary bleeding during and after surgery.

    Medications to avoid:

    Five days prior to their Atlanta cheek lift, patients must stop taking any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, otherwise known as NSAIDs (e.g., Aleve).

    At least 7 days before their cheek lift, patients must not take aspirin. In the event that the patient needs a pain reliever during these 7 days, non-aspirin (e.g., Tylenol, Acetaminophen) is a safe option.

    Patients with questions about their current medications should call Dr. Miotto. Furthermore, patients taking aspirin due to an order from their general practitioner or cardiologist also need to contact Dr. Gabriele C. Miotto at ME Plastic Surgery. The office phone number to call is (404) 850-5851.

    It is vital that patients continue taking their prescription and over-the-counter medications per their doctors’ orders. Discontinuing one of these medications should only occur after clearing it with Dr. Miotto, the patient’s general practitioner or the prescribing physician.

    Vitamins and supplements to avoid at least 10 days before their cheek lift in Atlanta:

    • Vitamin E.
    • Fish Oils.
    • Garlic.
    • Ginkgo Biloba.
    • Echinacea.
    • Ephedra / Phentermine (weight-loss drugs).
    • Feverfew.
    • Kava-Kava.
    • Goldenseal.
    • Saw Palmetto.
    • Licorice.
    • Valerian.
    • St. John’s Wort.

    Patients Need to Avoid Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

    Since alcohol tends to promote inflammation, Dr. Miotto requests that her patients avoid these beverages for no less than 7 days before their midface lift.

    Patients must discontinue using recreational drugs for at least 7 days before their scheduled cheek lift in Atlanta. Following this recommendation is vital because drugs such as cocaine, heroin and LSD can greatly influence the anesthetic the patient receives during surgery. In addition, some drugs excite the nervous system (e.g., cocaine, ecstasy), which may cause the patient’s heart rate and blood pressure to become dangerously erratic during and after surgery.

    Dr. Miotto fully explains the cheek lift procedure and what results the patient can expect.

    If the patient decides to move forward, Dr. Gabriele Miotto may schedule his or her presurgical appointment. At the presurgical appointment, the patient receives information about preparing for surgery. In addition, she may request that a patient have certain medical tests before his or her midface lift (e.g., EKG, blood work). Dr. Miotto may also request that the patient provide a surgical release from his or her general practitioner.

    At ME Plastic Surgery, Patient Safety Comes First

    Following each of Dr. Miotto’s requests and instructions is vital. She makes these requests and provides these instructions to ensure that each of her patients is safe during and after the cheek lift.

    A Midface Lift in Atlanta — The Day of Surgery

    Patients Must Bring a Driver

    During an Atlanta cheek lift, patients receive general anesthesia, which means, they are not permitted to drive for at least 24 hours. Therefore, on the day of surgery, patients need to arrive with a licensed driver who, if necessary, is capable of assisting the patient with walking. In addition, Dr. Miotto requests that the patient ask someone he or she trusts to serve as a caregiver for at least the first 48 hours following surgery.

    Dr. Miotto does reschedule the midface lifts of patients who arrive for surgery without a licensed driver.

    Patients Cannot Use For-Hire Transportation After Anesthesia or Sedation

    Dr. Miotto is fine with a patient using a for-hire transportation service (e.g., Uber) when he or she is coming to ME Plastic Surgery for a scheduled appointment. However, following any surgical procedure that requires the use of anesthesia or sedation, Dr. Gabriele C. Miotto does not permit her patients to use these transportation services.

    Ensuring that her patients adhere to this policy is crucial to Dr. Gabriele Miotto because she knows this policy keeps her patients safe.

    Patients Must Fast Before Surgery

    Typically, patients fast eight to 12 hours before their procedure. Nonetheless, patients who take medications during the time in which they are fasting need to speak with Dr. Miotto, so she can provide them with direction.

    For their own safety it is vital that patients follow the instructions they receive related to fasting before their surgery.

    A Midface Lift in Atlanta — The Procedure

    A cheek lift takes about two hours. Nonetheless, please keep in mind that patients who are having additional procedures (e.g., a blepharoplasty, facelift, brow lift) will have a longer surgery session.

    Pre-Op for an Atlanta Midface Lift

    During pre-op, Dr. Miotto visits the patient to answer any questions he or she has before surgery. In addition, Dr. Gabriele Miotto may make several markings on the patient’s face to use as a guide during surgery.


    The patient receives medications designed to make him or her fall into a deep sleep (general anesthesia). Once these medications take effect, Dr. Miotto begins the cheek lift.

    Creating the Incisions

    The first thing Dr. Miotto does is create a small incision within the patient’s hairline or just above it. She may also create an incision around the patient’s ear. Dr. Gabriele C. Miotto creates these incisions on both sides.

    Lifting the Fat Pads

    After creating the incisions, Dr. Miotto lifts the fat pads and then secures them with dissolvable stitches.

    Addressing the Facial Muscles

    To ensure long-lasting results, Dr. Gabriele Miotto also lifts and tightens the facial muscles.

    Strategically Repositioning the Skin and Removing the Excess

    She gently and strategically repositions the skin over the patient’s cheeks. This part of the midface lift allows Dr. Miotto to see how much excess skin the patient has. Once she is happy with the way the patient’s skin looks, she carefully removes the excess.

    Closing the Midface Lift Incisions

    Dr. Miotto may use sutures, skin adhesive, surgical tape or a combination of the three, to close the incisions.

    What to Expect While Recovering from a Cheek Lift

    Directly after surgery the patient remains asleep for some time. Upon waking, he or she receives specific instructions to follow.

    Patients should expect to experience pain, redness and inflammation. Pain and redness usually diminishes within a week, however, inflammation can last longer. Most patients’ residual inflammation clears up within a month of surgery.

    Returning to Work

    Patients usually return to work and can resume most activities about a week after their cheek lift. However, strenuous exercises need to be avoided for at least two more weeks.


    The results of a midface lift last up to 10 years. Although the natural aging process continues, since the patient has had a cheek lift, he or she always appears more youthful than would have been possible without it.

    Are There Any Risks Associated with a Cheek Lift?

    All surgical procedures have inherent risks, which is why knowing the potential risks and complications before having any procedure is vital.

    Potential risks and complications of a midface lift include:

    • Infection.
    • Necrosis (tissue death).
    • A collection of fluid (seroma).
    • A negative reaction to the anesthesia.
    • Prolonged inflammation.
    • Visible scarring.
    • Bruising.
    • Chronic pain.

    The best way for a patient to prevent a complication is to choose an experienced plastic surgeon to perform his or her midface lift.

    Why Men and Women Choose Dr. Gabriele Miotto to Perform Their Plastic Surgery Procedures

    To reduce the likelihood of her patients experiencing a complication, Dr. Gabriele Miotto makes patient safety a top priority. Dr. Miotto adheres to this principle by thoroughly screening each patient, providing valuable presurgical and post-surgical information as well as specific recovery instructions. Furthermore, Dr. Miotto is an experienced plastic surgeon and expert injector. For nearly 15 years, Dr. Gabriele Miotto has been using her experience, extensive knowledge and artistic vision to help men and women bring their aesthetic desires to fruition.

    How Much Does a Midface Lift in Atlanta Cost?

    Since every patient is unique, determining how much a cheek lift costs requires an initial consultation.

    If you reside in or near Atlanta and you want to learn more about how Dr. Gabriele Miotto can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, contact ME Plastic Surgery and schedule an appointment today. ME Plastic Surgery is at 3200 Downwood Circle NW, in Suite 640. Please call (404) 850-5851 to schedule an appointment or use the online consultation request form by clicking here.




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