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    Dark circles are caused mainly by two issues: excessive pigment on the skin and thinning of the skin and subcutaneous fat around the eyes. Therefore, all efforts to improve the dark circles will include some type of skin treatment and volume restoration.

    What are the procedures used to treat dark circles?

    For patients with hollowed lower eyelids or deep dark circles we can use hyaluronic acid fillers or the patient’s own fat prepared as a filler to inject into the areas to soften the dark circles. Aging causes facial deflation (loss of natural fatty tissue around the eyelids) which contributes tremendously to a tired and aged appearance.

    How often do I need to have eyelid fillers done?

    Hyaluronic acid fillers are recommended effective but temporary options and can be repeated every year, or as needed to maintain the results. Fat grafting is a more permanent solution but also needs to be repeated as we age, since it is partially reabsorbed in the process of healing.

    How are eyelid fillers done?

    Hyaluronic acid injections are done in the office using topical anesthetic. We usually use blunt cannulas around the eyes and fine tune the injections with fine needles if needed. Patients can have some bruising and swelling after the procedure and should use ice on the area to help speed up recovery.

    How is fat grafting to the eyelids done?

    Fat grafting requires the use of local anesthesia for numbing of the fat harvesting and preparation. It can also be done under deep sedation. Fat can be harvested from any stubborn fatty deposit in the body, it is prepared as microfat (fine fat) and injected in hollowed areas with blunt cannulas. Fat grafting to the face is like injecting the patient’s own natural filler. Expect some swelling and bruising for a few days after any injection of hyaluronic acid fillers or fat.

    Is there a permanent solution to treat dark circles?

    Yes! Aesthetic eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty or eyelid lift, is a common procedure used to rejuvenate the periocular area and treat puffiness and dark circles, with the purpose of make the appearance of the eyes more vibrant and less tired. During a blepharoplasty, we remove the excess skin, tighten the eyelid muscles and reposition the bulging fat for a rejuvenated look. When the eyelids are sunken or hollow, fat grafting can be added to the eyelids for a natural rejuvenated look. Modern eyelid surgery includes not only removing excessive tissue but also adding volume, such as the patient’s own fat to restore the youthful anatomy and eliminate the dark circles.

    How can I get started to learn more?

    If you are interested in having a treatment for dark circles, it would be our pleasure to see you in the office for an in-person consultation. We can talk about what you want to achieve, go over your specific concern, and will answer any questions you have.

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